September 30, 2006





On Friday, October 20, 2006 , at 7:00 PM , the Mayfair Mall Barnes & Noble will convene an expert panel to discuss Horror, Thrillers, and Mysteries and how the three fields overlap and intersect.

The panel will consist of seven local and Chicago-area authors, each discussing his or her work and comparing notes with their colleagues on just what their favorite fields have to offer in terms of entertainment.

Raymond Benson, Elaine Bergstrom, Bill Breedlove, John Everson, W.D. Gagliani, J.A. Konrath, and Brian Pinkerton will hold forth on their own works and those which have influenced them, while discussing the state of the Thriller field in general. J.A. Konrath will moderate what promises to be a lively and entertaining look at the books that thrill you and keep you up nights.

These authors bring a huge amount of expertise to the table:

Raymond Benson Chicago-based author of six James Bond novels, plus the thrillers Sweetie's Diamonds, Face Blind, and The Evil Hours (Website:

Elaine Bergstrom Milwaukee-based author of the Austra series, plus the novels Mina, Nocturne, The Door Through Washington Square, and many others

Bill Breedlove Chicago-based author of stories in Strange Creatures, Tales of Forbidden Passion, Book of Dead Things, and editor of the collection Candy in the Dumpster (Dark Arts Books)

John Everson Chicago-based author of Bram Stoker Award winner Covenant, plus the collections Vigilantes of Love and Cage of Bones; publisher of Dark Arts Books (Website:

W.D. Gagliani Milwaukee-based author of Bram Stoker Award finalist Wolf's Trap, plus the collection Shadowplays and numerous book reviews, articles, and interviews (Website:

J.A. Konrath Chicago-based author of the Jack Daniels series (Whiskey Sour, Bloody Mary, Rusty Nail), as well as many short stories and articles (Website:

Brian Pinkerton Chicago-based author of the thrillers Abducted and Vengeance (Website:

Join us at the Mayfair Barnes & Noble for an exciting evening with the authors who make your heart pound and your blood race.

Mayfair Mall Barnes & Noble

2500 N. Mayfair Road

Wauwatosa , WI 53226


For information, contact Ms. Paula Jones, B&N representative.

(Alternately, contact W.D. Gagliani:


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