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PERFECT ORDER is a feature film screenplay written by Brian Pinkerton and John Zoppi.  Based on a harrowing true story, the script tells the ordeal of a young sailor whose life is endangered at sea after he witnesses a crime deep in the catacombs of an aircraft carrier.

In 2004, PERFECT ORDER was selected to the Top 100 Round of the Project Greenlight film competition and HBO/Bravo TV series produced by Ben Affleck and Miramax.

Zoppi and Pinkerton from the Project Greenlight audition video

Reel Chicago article (PDF)

PERFECT ORDER was also a semifinalist (top 2 percent) in the Nicholl Fellowships in Screenwriting contest of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.  More info at

PERFECT ORDER also received recognition as a semifinalist in the Chesterfield Writer's Film Project, sponsored by Paramount Pictures.

In 2015, PERFECT ORDER was honored as an Official Finalist in the Beverly Hills Screenplay Contest.