Get your hands on

the handwritten first draft of Vengeance!



To celebrate the release of Vengeance, Brian Pinkerton is giving away 100 bookmarks created out of pages from his handwritten first draft!

Yes, I handwrite my novels.  Yes, this is the 21st Century and I have modern technology at my disposal.  No, Iím not crazy.   WellÖ thatís open to debate.

In any case, I do scrawl the first two drafts of my novels in black ink on white notebook paper.  Then I somehow convince (coerce) my wife into typing the next draft into the computer.  I continue editing for another draft or two.

The first handwritten draft is often hilarious because it is so bad and messy.  A normal person would throw the pages out.  But I toss them in a box.

And now Iíve taken some of those pages out of the box, cut them into strips, laminated them, and voilaÖ one-of-a-kind collectorís bookmarks!  Iím giving away these bookmarks to the first 100 readers who contact me via email.  Just email me with your address and Iíll send one to you.

Iíll also add your email address to my mailing list for news about upcoming books and such.  (Just let me know if you donít want to be on this list Ė I promise no spam, and probably no more than a couple of emails per year.)

Even if you donít want a bookmark, Iím always happy to hear from readers.  You can email me about anything at the link belowÖ

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