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 Chaz Singleton is a reluctant zombie battling for survival against a hostile humanity. He holds the fate of the world in his hands, whether he likes it or not.

He is dead. He is contagious. And he is hungry.

Book One:

Chaz is the product of a secret military experiment gone horribly wrong. The lone zombie escapes his captors to go on the run, traveling across the country to reunite with his son. He is trailed by a ruthless assassin determined to stop him from spreading the plague.

Introduction by New York Times bestselling author Hugh Howey.

PAPERBACK and EBOOK editions


Book Two:

Chaz is back and this time he's not alone. The zombie population is growing and they have chosen Chaz to be their leader. When civilization tries to reclaim Manhattan, the city streets become a battleground for The Hunger War.

All new sequel by popular demand!

PAPERBACK and EBOOK editions


"How I Started the Apocalypse is the kind of book you’ll tear through in one sitting... a really macabre and satisfying slice of horror fiction."

-- Dread Central


"Very entertaining... an overall well-rounded and fun story."

-- Famous Monsters of Filmland


"An action-packed zombie thriller from the point of view of the zombie. Chaz is a multi-dimensional character you can’t help but like... an original take on the zombie genre."

-- Horror Addicts


"If you're looking for something a bit different for your zombie lit collection, I recommend this one."

-- The Zombiephiles


"This was a lot of fun to read... If you’re looking for a new look at the zombie genre, look no further."

-- Horror News


"Virtually impossible to put down... an enthusiastic and well-deserved thumbs up."

-- Buy Zombie


"A fine addition to any zombie lover’s library...well written and bloody funny...bon appétit!"

-- Horror Zine


"Gory and action-packed... One can’t help but feel for Chaz and cheer him on in his efforts. Brian Pinkerton has managed to make a sympathetic zombie..."

-- Hellnotes


"Pinkerton sheds some new and refreshing light on the zombie genre... I couldn't put it down... Fast paced, funny, and still able to deliver the scary."

-- The Bookie Monster



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When a lonely woman finds a serial killer's journal in a coffee shop, she becomes obsessed with finding its author...and discovers he may be closer than she thinks.

Available now in paperback and ebook from Samhain Publishing

Limited hardcover editions with artwork by Zach McCain are available from King's Way Press

"KILLER'S DIARY is an intense and compelling page-turner that will keep you guessing and engrossed from the first page to the novel's end... Those who enjoy psychological horror ala Thomas Harris' SILENCE OF THE LAMBS will love KILLER'S DIARY."

-- Norman L. Rubenstein, SHROUD: The Quarterly Journal of Dark Fiction and Art


"What author Brian Pinkerton has done is to smoothly meld his story across genres, running it down several twisting alleys and managing, somehow, to have those alleys open back up onto the same street to converge in a very tight, very satisfying ending... VERY highly recommended."

-- David Niall Wilson, Macabre Ink


"A quick, entertaining romp that delivers on its promise."

-- Rue Morgue magazine





What happens when the Hollywood Dream becomes the ultimate nightmare?

ROUGH CUT exposes the dark secrets of Tinseltown, where a rivalry between low-budget horror film directors turns deadly, leading to unspeakable acts of terror.  Making movies can be murder…

Available in trade paperback from Amazon or direct from award-winning publisher Bad Moon Books.

Also available in ebook formats for Kindle, Nook, iPad and Sony Reader.

The limited signed and numbered hardcover edition is sold out.

Photo page: Brian shills Rough Cut at KillerCon in Las Vegas 

ROUGH CUT Blurbage and Reviews

"ROUGH CUT is a terrific fast-paced thriller that film buffs--especially devotees of the schlock horror genre--will devour in a few riveting hours. Pinkerton's knowledge of the movie business and Hollywood trivia, as well as his talent for telling a whopping good story, makes this tale a blockbuster!"

-- Raymond Benson, author of the James Bond anthology Choice of Weapons


"Pinkerton paces his novel masterfully and much like a movie script, with quick scenes and snappy dialogue... This is modern pulp worth checking out."

-- Rue Morgue magazine


"Gripping… it literally would not let me go until I read the last page... The characters are incredibly intriguing and the story line is unique, well-developed and perfectly described.  Bottom line: Brian Pinkerton can flat out write with the best… This thing cooks, people… good luck putting ROUGH CUT down once you start."

-- Jordan Norton, The Crow’s Caw

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"A terrific book, and I enjoyed it immensely. Highly recommended!"

-- John R. Little, Bram Stoker Award-winning author of Miranda and The Memory Tree


"Wow. That is the first word that comes to mind when I think of Brian Pinkerton’s novel Rough Cut. I was absolutely enthralled with it from beginning to end... without a doubt the best book that I have read this year."

-- Todd Martin, Horror News

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"Pinkerton writes a story that needs to be read in one sitting and the twists and turns are pure bliss."

-- Crimespree magazine


"ROUGH CUT features a well-crafted plot, tight writing, and a fantastic level of suspense... Pinkerton has done his homework here: his portrayal of the ins and outs of the film business kept me as interested in the proceedings as the ever-growing tension. You won't be bored for a second."

-- Nick Cato, The Horror Fiction Review

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"Author Brian Pinkerton writes a fantastic tale of twists and turns. His details of movie making are as good as any Hollywood insider... 5/5 rating."

--  Horrorview

Read the full review


"A non-stop thrill ride of twists and turns, Pinkerton winds this prose film spool tighter and tighter until ROUGH CUT reaches the bloody breaking point. Two severed thumbs up!"

--  John Everson, Bram Stoker Award-winning author of Siren and The Pumpkin Man


"ROUGH CUT is the real deal, highly recommended."

-- C. Dennis Moore, The Horror Zine

Read the full review


"Brian Pinkerton's ROUGH CUT is equal parts thriller and horror drive-in feature. A sleek love letter to the very same shot-on-a-budget classics it emulates, ROUGH CUT pits down-in-the-dumps burned out director Harry Tuttle with everyone's worst nightmare, a crazed fan. But in this case, the fan is ever so much more dangerous. Filled with the set pieces of a Saturday night double-feature, ROUGH CUT will tickle all the right bones... before chopping them off."

-- W.D. Gagliani, author of Wolf's Edge (The Nick Lupo Series) and Savage Nights


"Brian Pinkerton has crafted a fast-paced, suspenseful ride that one could imagine seeing up on the big screen... It's a biting look into the Hollywood movie scene and also a love letter to horror films... Recommended."

-- Trever Nordgren, Dark Discoveries

Read the full review


"ROUGH CUT is recommended for thriller fans and fans of horror cinema."

-- Mark Justice, Pod of Horror


"Grab the popcorn and enjoy this ticket to a great read.  Brian Pinkerton has taken a great story to the next level with compelling characters and a sucker-punch plot twist."

-- Scarlett Dean, author of The Frost Sisters mystery series




The classic debut returns to strike new terror in the workplace as a tree-loving, paperless $2.99 eBook for Kindle, Nook and iPod.

Discover the harrowing truth behind the murder of the Boss from Hell as told through employee emails, police transcripts, media reports, secret wiretaps and more.


from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Apple iBooks

Special Amazon deal: Buy the print edition of KILLING THE BOSS from Amazon and you can download the Kindle edition for FREE.



Brian's Hitchcockian thriller VENGEANCE has been rereleased as an audio book narrated by Dave Courvoisier.

The VENGEANCE audio book is available in a variety of formats, including 8-CD set, mp3 download, and mp3-on-CD, from various sellers including Amazon, iTunes, and the producer, Books in Motion.

Books in Motion is a pioneer in the audio book industry and has been producing high-quality audio books in the unabridged format since 1980.




Brian's popular suspense novel ABDUCTED has been rereleased as an audio book narrated by Beth Richmond with new artwork.

The ABDUCTED audio book is available in a variety of formats, including 8-CD set, mp3 download, and mp3-on-CD, from various sellers including Amazon, iTunes, and the producer, Books in Motion.




Brian's short story "Lower Wacker Blues" appears in the CHICAGO BLUES anthology edited by Libby Fischer Hellmann.  The collection is available in hardcover and paperback from Bleak House Books.

Chicago Blues short story collection

Chicago Sun-Times review / interview





VENGEANCE (Print edition) ABDUCTED (Print edition) KILLING THE BOSS (Print edition)
After the killer of his fiancée is acquitted, a school teacher joins "The Circle," a secret group of citizens united to eliminate their enemies.  But he discovers too late that there is a catch...


A young mother catches a glimpse of her child on a bus-- two years after he was abducted and declared dead.


An innovative murder mystery told through its evidence and clues: employee emails, office memos, police transcripts, media reports, receipts, faxes and other diverse documents.


Brian Pinkerton is a member of the Mystery Writers of America, International Thriller Writers and Horror Writers Association.